Hayes Strategic Solutions partners with our clients to successfully solve problems by utilizing invaluable relationships, public policy acumen, business savvy, and our ability to form strategic alliances to the client's advantage.

Government relations consulting begin with in depth research of our client's issues. We then partner with our clients to develop and execute a client-focused strategy to optimize opportunities with legislative and executive staff and elected officials. Maintaining continuous communications throughout is key to a successful partnership with a client.

Long term- structured government relations are specific to each client, but as an example, may include direct and indirect lobbying efforts, client image building, and political crisis management. We are committed to providing high quality, ethical services, with desired results in a timely manner. 


As Henry Kissinger once remarked, "an issue ignored, is a crisis invented." Anticipating issues is the ultimate preventative lobbying discipline. Hayes Strategic Solutions helps our clients to minimize potentially problematic issues from the very beginning.

Identification and prioritization of issues is crucial to our ability to assist clients with targeted, forward-looking communication with executive and legislative decision-makers. Supporting clients’ interests in the political sphere with a focus on the future is key to assisting clients in need of political crisis management - a strategic response to unforeseen and generally external events.

Issue advocacy through strong grassroots campaigns can bring two particular advantages to a lobbying effort - weight of opinion and credibility. We assist our clients of how, when and to what end interest groups should mobilize their constituents.

Client-Focused Services 


Non-Profit Organizations and Associations utilize lobbyists to take their message to legislators and state government. Hayes Strategic Solutions enable organizations to develop strategies, connect, and stay informed, and proactively reach out to elected officials.

A clear message voiced by many can make an issue more compelling to policymakers. A coalition of multiple organizations can be a very effective in advancing shared policy priorities. Or as with associations, where an individual or single business may not have the ability to have their needs heard in government, an association of like-minded professionals band their resources together to protect and support their members. Hayes Strategic Solutions has many years of experience assisting multiple associations with their political and legislative strategy, communication, contacts, and influence, on a variety of issues.


We provide our clients with monitoring of legislation introduced in the Louisiana Legislature, which would be of interest to their organization and is pertinent to their success. Know what's headed your way and know when a bill will hit your bottom line. 

We provide professional direction on addressing new or existing legislation or regulations of interest, as well as establishing methods to attain legislative goals. For regulatory affairs, we will keep clients informed of effective dates for new laws so they know how much time they have to comply and how changes to existing laws impact their businesses or associations. 

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